6,476 ft / 1,973 m


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2 summits

Top climbing months

April   50%

October   50%

Most climbed route

Naga Lingga - Puncak Explorer

"This is the HIGHEST PEAK on North Sumatera. The triangulation S-191 and the height was 2457 masl, higher 6 metres more higher than Mt Sinabung as known before as the highest peak before. We (MAPAGRATWA) are the first team who try to mapping the route to the top. This journey are the first trip dated on internet where we try to explore all sides of mountain to make some route around. Since 1999 we've been climb for at least 100 times, and every trip has reports on our database. We just try to covering this mountain for public news with reason to help it still natural ... but who knows ? Some am" - Tongem, Apr 10, 1999


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