8,654 ft / 2,638 m


4,360 ft / 1,329 m


29 summits

Top climbing months

August   25%

February   12%

March   9%

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"Hiking alone to Papandayan Mount, I could explore all around Papandayan. I explore crater, waterfall, death forest, edelweiss field and many others. There were a lot of people and I met new friends. I slept in my sleeping bag without a tent, so I can saw much of stars above and some meteor (or meteorite) that was amazing and beautiful viewed. I really enjoy it and never forget for this moment." - agung-budiantogarykastiman, Oct 25, 2014
"Papandayan is an easy level mountain with a beautifull scenery. There are two large edelweiss garden there. Also there are several crater that release sulphur gas. And, the most unic site is "Hutan Mati" (death forest), forest of cantigi (Vaccinium varingiaefolium) that was burned out by the high themperatur of sulphur gas. " - sigitaji, Feb 2, 2013


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