10,712 ft / 3,265 m


10,229 ft / 3,118 m


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December   36%

August   18%

March   18%

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cemoro sewu

"Used the mostly unused trail from Tahura camp. There is a sign which says Puncak Gunung Lawu 3.8 km. That is a mistake! The real distance is 9 km until the peak. Following the signs POS I-V through the jungle. Half way betwen POS IV and V the path joins the main path from Cemoro Kandang. The portion between POS II and IV is very steep. The whole trail is unbeaten, through the jungle, but machete was not necessary during the night, with headlight, one could see the path judging from the underbush size. nevertheless, it is easy to get lost, you can use my GPS track here: http://www.movescount.c" - csaladenes, Apr 1, 2015
"There is water source at pos V via Cemoro Sewu (Jolotundho pos). And, there is a food stall right 200 meters below the peak. So it's OK to "tek tok" (go up then down), whitout camping. It's only need 5-6 hours to summit via Cemoro Sewu. And it's only need 2.5-3.5 hours to down via Cemoro Sewu." - sigitaji, Aug 9, 2014
"Though, Lawu has elevation over 3000 m and belongs to Very High Ribus, I think not really hard to summit this mountain (via Cemoro Sewu). It's OK for a beginner to try his/her first summit at this mountain." - sigitaji, Oct 13, 2013
"This is my 2nd time Summiting Mount Lawu. I use Candi Cetho (Cetho Temple) route for up and down. December is rainy season in Indonesia, and it make the climb more hard for me. but the view of the savana make me don't really care with the rain drops. :D" - afvendiant, Dec 25, 2011
"This is my first ascent in Indonesia. It took about 5 hours to reach the first peak from the base camp. Lawu permission to climb the mountain is not difficult, just pay the money in and we can move on. There are 2 common climbing route, ie through Cemoro Kandang and Cemoro Sewu. This is the first experience that I can not forget." - Sang-Gau, Jun 11, 2011



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