12,484 ft / 3,805 m


12,484 ft / 3,805 m


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September  22%

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March   11%


  • Highest volcano in Indonesia
  • Highest peak on the island of Sumatra
"Beautiful mountain, ruined by trash, just like many other Indonesian mountains. I started from and descended back to Kersik Tuo. The first long part of the trek is through a dense rain forest. It gets very slippery when it rains and in my SE Asia mountain experience, it rain a lot! The path is very steep. You will have to use both hands climbing from shelter 2 to shelter 3, so tuck those sticks into your backpack :) Shelter 3 is just at the exit on the jungle, and you can see the peak from there. It's a rocky path from there, really steep, and you will have to get down on all 4 in some par" - ahmadnakib, Jul 30, 2016
"An absolutely remarkable trip I had up there. I went up all alone and I was the only person on the mountain, let aside a couple of descending parties I crossed for the first out of my trip. Got quite a lot of rain but the sky was clear when I was at the crater, that's what matters. Full trip report + map: http://dimitriosfan.com/2016/07/14/when-i-climbed-mount-kerinci-part-1/" - DimitriosFan, May 22, 2016



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