9,944 ft / 3,030 m


9,944 ft / 3,030 m


9 summits

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February   22%

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August   22%

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"Steep challenging badass mountain climb through a dense wet rain forest. All very beautiful though and mid-day sun was just there at the summit waiting for us. It can rain pretty hard and forest gets really slippery when it does. Don't go unprepared." - ahmadnakib, Jun 26, 2016
"Challenging hike and to this day the only one I've done during the night. I was told the summit is surrounded by clouds 90% of the time but I lucked out and got to see the sunrise and the whole island of Bali from the top. This is one of the hikes that made me fall in love with nature and the sport of hiking." - PL5, Jan 8, 2012



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