8,067 ft / 2,459 m


4 summits

Top climbing months

December   50%

June   25%

July   25%

Most climbed route

Northwest face

"My boyfriend took me on a 3 day trip to Bishop, CA for my birthday. On day 2 of the trip he wanted to climb Grouse Mountain which is the high point of Buttermilk Hills. It had snowed the night before but only to around 8,000 ft. which worked out for us cause thats about how high Grouse Mountain is. There is no actual trail to the summit. We had to cross country route find and boulder climb the majority of the way up the north west face with lots of class 3. This was the funnest climb of my life to this point. The views from the summit of Owens valley to the west, the High Sierra to the south," - CaptainBadass, Dec 3, 2012


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