8,582 ft / 2,616 m


262 ft / 80 m


25 summits

Top climbing months

May   25%

July   18%

August   14%

Most climbed route

Came from the Nordic Center

"This was the third of the three peaks I visited on the traverse from the Nordic Center (via the Vincent Tumamait Trail). This included Mount Pinos and Sawmill Mountain. This mountain was my favorite of the three, based solely on the scenery. A use trail leaves the Vincent Tumamait Trail at a point along the lower north facing slopes of Grouse Mountain. From there, it is a short climb to the summit. On the way back is the majority of the elevation gain for the hike, with a steady climb back up to Mount Pinos." - Peak-Conquistador, Sep 15, 2017
"Contined along the Vincent Tumamait Trail from Mount Pinos and Sawmill Mountain and did a little off trail scrambling to get up to Grouse Mountain which was our last stol of the day." - Freedomista, May 13, 2017
"Stop 3 of 4. Boring tree covered summit. Climbed pretty quickly from Sawmill. Clouds and wind picked up and I considered turning around at this point, but decided to press onwards." - edg, Mar 13, 2016
"Peak 3 of 4 during the "Mount Pinos Biathalon." I stashed a bike at Cerro Noroeste campground, then drove down to the McGill Trailhead. I then hiked up and over Mt. Pinos, Sawmill, and Grouse back to Cerro Noroeste where I grabbed my bike and rode 16 mi back down to my car. Put new brakes on the bike in preparation for the 4000 ft descent!" - klotito, Aug 2, 2015



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