12,460 ft / 3,798 m


7,965 ft / 2,428 m


24 summits

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July   24%

August   24%

May   16%

"Me, Misko Taneski and Aleksandar Tatalovic - Tatko went to climb Grossglockner on September 12 and the weather was terrible but somehow we manage to arrive to the Studlhutte in a storm thanks to two chech guys who found the way in the snow. We spend the night there and the day after we started going for the summit. The weather was perfect but a lot of snow felt the previous day so it was hard to walk. When we arrived to the next hut Tatko felt a little tired because he wasn't practicing mountaineering long time so he made a brave decision and stopped there telling us that he made his goal for " - FilipVasileski, Sep 13, 2017
"It was my first time on the Grossglockner, even thuogh this mountain if not far from the tawn where I leave, Cortina d'Ampezzo. I guided some Japanese clients to the top, it was a great day!" - GuideDolomiti, Jul 15, 2013



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