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South LoopTrail

"11.5.18. Griffith Peak #16....These Mountains give me so many happy memories. The year is winding down and the days are getting shorter so I’m taking every chance I can to get up here. I invited Harlan to join me today for some mountain cleanup duties. He also wanted to test his altitude tolerance so I was happy he decided to go. Taking the trails is repetitive so we decided on a route when we got there. Mazie Canyon (which is normally a Snow and Winter snowshoe route) was the route he chose. Neither of us had been up that way. It was very challenging. We were both a bit beat up from the 7 Pea" - paula.raimondi, Nov 5, 2018
"10.20.18 Harris & Griffith Peaks loop. 5,200’ of vert in 7 (off trail) miles on rough terrain....12 miles total. We used “Old” South Loop trail as a descent route. I had the pleasure of spending the morning with beautiful and strong Maia Detmer on this special and challenging route (I am learning to love.) I learned of this route from my Buddie Harlan but I take the Harris ridge up from a different area. I’ve done it several times this year in different ways and it’s always a hard fight. I’ve almost convinced myself to never do it again. Today I was totally zen and seemed to follow the route b" - paula.raimondi, Oct 20, 2018
"This was an incredible hike in a breathtaking region. I'm from California and I wasn't expecting this level of alpine splendor in Clark County NV. Did the big loop up the South Trail and down the North Trail / Trail Canyon. A light dusting of fresh snow and some brilliant yellow-orange-red aspen trees made this a very memorable outing. " - klotito, Oct 4, 2018
"A great hike on a beautiful morning to make sure we all got outside and got our exercise and dose of mother nature's finest scenery for the weekend. We took a leisurely pace up the South Loop Trail, and Kevin picked up a geocache on the switchbacks just past the avalanche chute, before the first overlook. There was some discussion about calling the hike at that point - I know I was a bit tired and waffling - but we soldiered on. The leisurely pace came from me being out of hiking shape. Still - a 6:45 AM start, and my butt was on the summit just before 10:30. Back down to the cars by 1 PM. Gor" - psychikingjes, Sep 8, 2018
"6 peaks (Mummy, Lee, Mt Charleston #61, South Mt Charleston H.P., Griffith & Harris) 23 miles, 8,400’ gain (the most vert. gain I’ve ever done in one workout), 14 hours. Very epic day in the mountains for me. My plan was my own version of a multi peak hike in the Spring Mtns. I woke a bit late so I was discouraged at the start but I kept moving forward and accumulated what I could. I got my 10th new ascent route to Mt Charleston. I traversed the entire North Ridge from Mummy (for the 1st time. Very sketchy in spots) I ascended Lee Peak from the ridge for the 1st time and went farther on South " - paula.raimondi, Aug 25, 2018



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