Saint Andrew peaks

7 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Saint Catherine

2,755 ft / 839 m

Most summited peak

Mount Saint Catherine

1 summit

Most prominent peak

Mount Saint Catherine

2,756 ft / 840 m prom

Saint Andrew summits

1 summit

First Ascent Awards

1 of 7 peaks 14%

Top climbing months

June 100%

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Saint Andrew mountains highlights

"Not much of an Hike rather than a Tour around the Island with a stop on the Highest Point in Barbados. Congrete Peakmarker with a Survey Plaque from 1953. Great view overlooking the Island and driving through Cattlefarmland and Sugarcane Fields. Well worth the trip although not a Hike in a traditinal way!! Feels like cheating but nevertheless it is a Country Highpoint of a Caribbean Island. " - Mount Hillaby, Nuernberger, Feb 14, 2014
"About a 30 minute ride from Portsmouth, Dominica to the trailhead. A little over 7 miles rt and about 3K vert. The first half of which is easy hiking and stairs. The 2nd half is a mud / tree scramble. It took about twice as long to do the 2nd 1,500 feet as the first as you are climbing over and under trees and tree roots all the while trying to avoid knee deep mud (which you can't) There is a false summit about 100 feet below the true summit with a USGS type marker in a rock. It's another 20-30 minutes to the true summit which appeared unmarked. The trail from the false summit to the tru" - Morne Diablotins, ClimbingRandy, Jul 6, 2012

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