Stereá Elláda peaks

593 peaks

Highest peak


8,225 ft / 2,506 m

Most summited peak


6 summits

Most prominent peak


5,718 ft / 1,743 m prom

Stereá Elláda summits

56 summits

First Ascent Awards

28 of 593 peaks 4%

Top climbing months

March 22%

May 14%

December 12%

Stereá Elláda mountains highlights

"Climbed Mount Ochi on a hot day starting from Myli village. Got to see the ancient quarry and, of course, the famous Dragon House on the top of the mountain. Trip story, information about the mountain, photos, video, and routes map:" - Okhi, DimitriosFan, Jun 7, 2017
"We climbed the summit of Giona with a friend of mine starting from Kaloskopi. We had to postpone the ascent due to bad weather conditions, sleeping low in the forest in the meanwhile. Due to the tempest, despite being May, there was a lot of snow on the peak. Absolutely great trip. Trip story, photos, videos and map: General info about the mountain and ascent directions in the Greek language:" - Pyramida, DimitriosFan, May 18, 2017
"Climbed the mountain on a warm and peaceful April day, following the route Villia - refuge - east peak - west peak. Amazing trip, mainly through a charming fir forest, good chances to see curious plants and animals, and spectacular views. Full trip report, general information about the mountain, photos, and map: General information about the mountain and route description in Greek language:" - Kithairon, DimitriosFan, May 11, 2017
"Have climbed Mount Pyxarias several times from various approaches Trip report with photos and map: General information and routes instructions about the mountain in the Greek language:" - Pyxarias, DimitriosFan, May 11, 2017
"Surely my most beloved mountain. Have climbed it more times than I could count. Mount Dirfys Photo Album: General information and routes instructions in Greek language:" - Dirfys, DimitriosFan, Mar 22, 2017

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