Kentrikí Makedonía peaks

335 peaks

Highest peak

Mount Olympus, Mytikas Peak

9,573 ft / 2,918 m

Most summited peak

Mount Olympus, Mytikas Peak

33 summits

Most prominent peak

Mount Olympus, Mytikas Peak

7,726 ft / 2,355 m prom

Kentrikí Makedonía summits

78 summits

First Ascent Awards

25 of 335 peaks 7%

Top climbing months

September 28%

October 17%

July 17%

Kentrikí Makedonía mountains highlights

"Continuation of walk from Touba. I headed down to the Touba - Profitis Ilias col again, taking another GPS reading there. While by the refuge, I encountered three of our party, who were scaling these two peaks in reverse order to me. I followed a path which taversed on a gentle gradient up the south and east flanks of Profitis Ilias, then turning west to head more steeply up to the summit. I was soon there, and it was a very different place to the other summits I had visited on this trek. The area was enclosed by a curtain wall, with an underground chapel at its northern end. Bent doub" - Mount Olympus, Profitis Ilias, marktrengove, Sep 14, 2017
"The second day of a four-day trek on the Olympos Massif, Macedonia, Northern Greece. For more information on Mount Olympos, see at From the summit of Skala 2866m/20m to Mytikas 2918.8m/2355m, and return to Skala. Four of our group declined the option of the Grade 2 scramble to the summit, so Ivo our guide had four of us in his summit party. I was of two minds myself, as I am not a confident scrambler. However, I had wanted to climb to the summit of Mount Olympus since I was a boy, when my passion for Ancient Greece started. I had come a" - Mount Olympus, Mytikas Peak, marktrengove, Sep 13, 2017
"The second day of a four-day trek by KE Adventure Travel on the Olympos Massif, Macedonia, Northern Greece. From Spilios Agapitos Refuge (Refuge 'A') at 2060m, to the minor peak of Skala 2866m/40m. The strong wind had prevented anyone from summitting Mytikas on the previous day, but the forecast for today was set fair. Zeus was smiling on us. We set off from Refuge 'A' after a light breakfast in the cool of the morning, and an extra layer was needed to keep warm. As the sun rose higher and hotter, my windshirt was soon back in my rucksack. The trail headed south at first to gain" - Skala, marktrengove, Sep 13, 2017
" The first day, starting from Prionia, we walked to Refuge A (Spilios Agapitos) were we spent the night. The next morning we took the trail to Zonaria, climbed Louki and reached the peak Myticas. Returning from Kakia Skala, we also walked on the lower summits Skolio and Agios Antonios and then returned back to Refuge A. After another night at the refuge we headed back to Prionia. Edited video from the ascent: " - Mount Olympus, Mytikas Peak, Christos, Aug 14, 2013
"I took a number of panorama pictures, 24 of which became a part of my virtual tour "Solo tracking and Climbing Olympus E4: Litohoro - Mitikas"" - Mount Olympus, Mytikas Peak, 360-vr, Jul 27, 2012

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