Attikí peaks

160 peaks

Highest peak


4,635 ft / 1,412 m

Most summited peak


8 summits

Most prominent peak


2,427 ft / 740 m prom

Attikí summits

44 summits

First Ascent Awards

24 of 160 peaks 15%

Top climbing months

January 16%

May 16%

December 16%

Attikí mountains highlights

"I and a friend went up for a morning walk to Mount Aigaleo recently. We went up from Chaidari, traversed the mountain, and ended back down at Schisto Camp. A very pleasant trip to do in a short time from Athens. Complete Trip Report and Photos:" - Oros Aigaleo, DimitriosFan, Jun 14, 2017
"Did this route mainly to explore how difficult would be to climb the steepest face of Penteli. As I expected climbing and scrambling were needed from 800 to 1000m altitude. Very nasty bushwhacking at 1000m. Need to find an alternative route for the final 100m to the summit." - Pyrgari, Christos, May 22, 2017
"Didn't expect to see such steep peaks and cliffs in the middle of Athens. They are artificial due to the old quarry but still impressive. The highest peak requires scrambling and climbing at the highest parts." - Tourkovounia, Christos, Apr 23, 2017
"Hiked up Penteli mountain from Athens carrying my bike, biked down the road on the north side up to the base of Agriliki and left the bike on the col between Kaligianni and Agriliki to climb the two peaks. " - Kaligianni, Christos, Mar 4, 2016

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