14,278 ft / 4,352 m


2,770 ft / 844 m


254 summits

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July   29%

August   21%

June   14%

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Grays Peak Trail (from Stevens Gulch TH)

Class 1


  • Grays Peak is the highest Colorado 14er in the Front Range.
  • Its summit is the highest point exactly on the Continental Divide.
  • Like the other fourteeners nearby, Grays Peak is considered to be an easy hike by 14er standards and is very popular among weekend climbers.
  • Often a climb to the summit of Grays Peak is accompanied by continuing on to Torreys Peak, less than a mile away. From the summit of Grays, a trail descends to a saddle before climbing up to the summit of Torreys.
  • The summit includes a very small U-Shaped rock shelter and has extensive views stretch south to Pikes Peak and the San Luis Valley, east to the Great Plains, West to Silverthorne, and north to Longs Peak and Rocky Mountain National Park.
"Kelso-Grays-Torreys-Grizzly-Cupid traverse 20.82km with 2,241m gain in 9:00hrs The third day brought much better and quieter weather, was a bit windy and 4,000m+ but at least no showers or thunderstorms. A road to Grays trailhead is 4.8km one way from I-70 and requires a 4x4. After initial 800m got concerned about our rental Santa Fe and decided to walk it up. Should've driven the road the whole way, would've saved me 4km in distance and 300m gain. Except of few washed out spots, it was completely fine. The smallest/lowest car I saw at the trailhead, was a BMW sedan. The rest wa" - alexp, Aug 7, 2018
"Dirt road to TH from exit 221 on Hwy 70 was drivable in Toyota Highlander. Hiked from TH:11,240' to Grays Peak on class 1 trail to summit, 2hrs 15mins (4 miles) from TH to peak." - BradStemm, Aug 2, 2016
"I climbed Torreys Peak and Grays Peak via Kelso Ridge. My third summit of Torreys, and second summit of Grays. We met up with a larger group to camp the night before in honor of Selena LeDoux's birthday. Most of the group chose to go up the standard route. My friends Hunter Nerison, Joshua Meyer, and myself decided on Kelso Ridge. There was snow the last hundred feet or so up Kelso Ridge, perhaps a bit more, but the route was mostly clear. It was a beautiful day and good times were had by all!" - IanWright, Jun 18, 2016
"It was overcast for most of the day with a few moments where the sun poked out through the clouds. After Gray's we continued on to Torrey's and fortunately it stayed nice enough until we were back down most of the way to the tree line. There were hundreds of people doing this hike while we were there and it as very crowded at the summits. We met a lot of really nice and interesting people along the way. There were a few places that were fairly steep, but overall It was a pretty easy hike by fourteener standards. " - IanWright, Aug 16, 2015
"Good fourteener for people with stamina and heart, but aren't the most experienced. The route is Class 1 the entire way with no hands needed for support or balance. Once you break through treeline there is some exposure, but if you bring multiple layers and heavy jackets, you should be fine. Be on the lookout for pikas and marmots, which roam the area. I saw 30 pikas and 5 marmots while on my trip. I was looking very hard though. Pikas sound like squeaky toys, where as marmots sound like whistles (hence the nickname whistle pigs). If you hear one of those sounds, be on the look out for some fu" - Colorado14Queen, Aug 12, 2015



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