12,799 ft / 3,901 m

#1 in Montana

#1,574 in United States


4,759 ft / 1,451 m

#5 in Montana

#125 in United States


24 summits

#1 in Montana

#1,496 in United States

Top climbing months

August   53%

July   23%

September  16%


  • Granite Peak is the highest peak in Montana and one of the most difficult U.S. state highpoint ascents due to technical climbing, poor weather, and route finding.
  • It was the last of the state highpoints to be climbed.
  • Today, climbers typically spend two or three days ascending the peak, stopping over on the Froze-to-Death Plateau, although some climbers choose to ascend the peak in a single day.
  • A rope is typically used to rappel down from the summit.
5 summits • 25.1 mi • 4,281 ft gain