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Granite Mountain Trail

"Good day up Granite Mountain. Late start at 11:00 AM. 3.5 hours up. Trails in good condition. Snow only above the treeline about the 5000-foot level. The snow was soft and easy to hike/kick up mid day. Recommend poles for stability, micro spikes/crampons optional. Most folks just hiked up, some in boots, some in trail running shoes. We used poles. Ice axes recommended for a good glissade down. The snow trail is in good shape, soft with a cornice on the right side. Take care going up. We only made it to about 5400 foot level, past the major boulder/scree field, as a storm blew in and" - markhadland, Jun 16, 2018
"I hiked up to the top of Granite with less than a foot of snow on top. It seemed like the last chance before the winter snow starts to fill the avalanche area. However it turned to warm rain on the following days, so the snow is probably all gone, even at the top ... for a little while yet. An uneventful hike, since I stuck completely to the trail, the weather was fine and the snow was all tamped down. The views from the top are great, and comprehensive. I met a couple there from Colorado, and they wanted to know about some interesting, moderately high mountains to climb. From Granite I " - markgarrett, Oct 16, 2017
"Planned an ambitious day bagging Granite, West Granite, Pratt, and both Banderas, but ended up turning back after starting along the ridge from Granite to West Granite. There was just enough snow on the rocks to hide the holes and make everything super slick, so we decided it was best to save that expedition for another day. The late start didn't help. Pretty rainy, but the clouds were generally high enough to still get some alluring views." - TynanRammGranberg, Nov 7, 2015
"Let's see here. A huge avalanche took out parts of the trail in February this year, causing the USFS to create new routes around the mess. 5/8ths approx of the hike was just normal moderately steep trail hiking. But the last 700 to 1000ft of the hike is still layered in mixed wet and icy snow. Lots of fairly steep cornices on the final approach up the ridge have to be hiked to reach the top. Snowshoes with good crampons and a heel bar, or regular boot crampons were highly recommended if you wanted the freedom to step without having to be sluggish and obnoxiously careful. On the way down I took" - Snowcarcass, Jun 3, 2012
"I have mixed feelings about the route that was forged after the most recent snow on Granite Mountain. About halfway up the trail was abandoned for a steep direct ascent up an unusually wide creek bed that could only have been widened out so far by continual avalanche activity. This was made even more obvious by the clear remnants of said avalanche nearly down to the turn-off. By the tracks, I gathered that at least 10-20 others had chosen this route, and so up we went, kicking in steps where they weren't already. Just when it felt like it couldn't possibly get steeper, it did, and around 500 f" - Jeb, Dec 22, 2011



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