6,620 ft / 2,018 m


400 ft / 122 m


14 summits

Top climbing months

April   31%

February   12%

December   12%

"I hiked the Iron, Roundtop, Granite, Rabbit loop counterclockwise from Monte Cristo campground. This is the highest of the four peaks and has a number of rocky outcroppings and pine trees that give it a higher elevation feel. After 10 minutes of searching, I finally found the register very well hidden underneath a big, slanty boulder. This register was way too hard to find; there were only three entries since 2014 and I know there's been more visitors than that. There were some Coulter Pines with their giant pinecones just below the summit. " - klotito, Apr 1, 2017
"Granite Mountain #1. Rode EMTB from Pony Park next to Mill Creek Summit Fire Station up 3N17 Pacifico Mtn. Rd to 3N90 Round Top Truck Road. Hiked up steepness from 3N90 to peak(s). Could not tell which was the highest bump, so I went to 3 different bumps to make sure I got the peak. " - thesearcherextraordinaire, Sep 23, 2016
"Lots of boulder hopping....bring gloves! Route finding is a bit tricky too; it's generally not hard to see where you go, but often hard to spot the best way to get there. My Honda Accord managed the dirt road okay; we used HPS Route 3 (with a bit of variation on the way down). This was a San Diego Sierra Club hike led by Mark Brown." - HikerMark, Apr 5, 2015



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