13,775 ft / 4,199 m


6,530 ft / 1,990 m


73 summits

Top climbing months

August   40%

July   32%

September  16%

Most climbed route

Owen-Spaulding, 5.4

Class 5


  • A classic by any route, the Grand Teton forms the centerpiece of one of the West's most dramatic ranges.
  • 7 miles and 5,000 vertical feet of hiking bring you to the Lower Saddle of the Grand, a breathtaking perch for a campsite, but don't expect much sleep once the evening wind kicks in.
  • The easier routes, including the Owen-Spaulding and the Upper Exum, offer great adventure value for the inexperienced climber to second.
  • The summit offers an exhilarating 360 view; Jackson Hole ski area looks like a molehill from up there.
"Went out with Nadov from JHMG with my friends Brian and Jacob who I used to spend quite a deal of time climbing in the Sierra with. My 150st unique peak! The weather was glorious at the top. We were the first group to summit that day." - Irrationalist, Aug 18, 2017
"Our group of 4 set up at upper moraine camp on the evening of the 29th. After an early start the next morning we got to what we thought was the beginning of the direct exum but actually turned out to be, discovering months later, a route called It's not a Chimney,5.9. A bd .75 x4 and his biner companion were hanging out at the base when we arrived along with a fixed stopper with an NPS stamp and possibly the jankiest anchor I've ever seen. We roped up two teams of two for a single wandering alpine feeling pitch and set up at the top of the difficulties below an easy looking lower angle gully" - Yosemike, Aug 30, 2016
"Summited the Grand Teton as part of the "Grand Traverse" of ten peaks in the Grand Teton range. Total peaks = 10, miles = 13, elevations = ~22,000', days = 2. One of the most amazing trips I've completed to date. " - DrBoz, Aug 20, 2014
"Nothing but sunshine all around our summit - of course our party of 11 found the day with the blizzard?!?! Snow, slippery rocks, and a level of technical climbing greater than we were all accustomed made for more adventure than bargained for. The good news - we all survived with 6 of 11 making the summit - myself, Tom Power, Brett Bush, Tom Romary, Joe Stern, Mike Hess. Thanks to our guides Mike and Weez of JHMG for making it happen & bringing us home safe!" - BTG-MBHSA, Aug 9, 2013
"Infamously known as "The Princess Cruise 2012," my team and I climbed for Bay Area Wilderness Training, a organization geared towards getting at-risk youth outdoors. We spent 4 days on the mountain at Corbett High Camp (~11,500) with Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, which I highly, highly recommend. We summited around 10AM after leaving camp at 3:30AM, and rappelled just in time to miss the first storm of the day. I could not have asked for a more fun and diverse group of people to climb with. Truly one of the most memorable climbs of my life." - Christopher, Jul 29, 2012



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