13,775 ft / 4,199 m

#2 in Wyoming

#232 in United States


6,530 ft / 1,990 m

#3 in Wyoming

#38 in United States


76 summits

#1 in Wyoming

#352 in United States

Top climbing months

August   40%

July   32%

September  16%

Most climbed route

Owen-Spaulding, 5.4

Class 5


  • A classic by any route, the Grand Teton forms the centerpiece of one of the West's most dramatic ranges.
  • 7 miles and 5,000 vertical feet of hiking bring you to the Lower Saddle of the Grand, a breathtaking perch for a campsite, but don't expect much sleep once the evening wind kicks in.
  • The easier routes, including the Owen-Spaulding and the Upper Exum, offer great adventure value for the inexperienced climber to second.
  • The summit offers an exhilarating 360 view; Jackson Hole ski area looks like a molehill from up there.
  • Grand Teton is the highest point in Grand Tetons National Park.
1 summit • 19.5 mi • 8,188 ft gain • 29 hr 50 min