4,736 ft / 1,443 m


699 ft / 213 m


150 summits

Top climbing months

August   16%

July   15%

June   14%


  • Gothics is the tenth highest of the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Park.
  • Much of the mountain is covered in bare rock slides, which give the mountain its name due to their resemblance to Gothic architecture.
  • The summit has near 360 degree views, which combined with its location in the High Peaks Region gives splendid views of the Adirondacks.
"Successful Lower Great Range loop, with a couple wild and crazy guys! Rocks were a little wet from rain the night before, and the cloud cover stole some summit views, but when we could see the foliage was on point! Being an aspiring 46er is hard when I live in CO, but I’m hoping to knock a few off a year until I get it done!" - LGH-Dan, Oct 14, 2017
"Gnarly day gettin pitted with the bros given her a full send on lower and upper wolfjaw, armstrong, pyramid, gothics, and sawteeth. Not many views due to the clouds but all in all a righteous day. " - LGH-Topple, Oct 14, 2017
"Wow, this is by far my favourite peak in the Adirondacks by far !! The views are stunning. The trail we took was interesting and challenging in some spots. A tough day all round, but these views more than made up for that. 10/10 for views on this beauty !!" - UK-Ranger, Aug 26, 2017
"Fourth peak of a LONG day of hiking. Our 10th 46er. This peak certainly has the best views out of the whole range, with views of layers upon layers of massive mountains as far as the eye can see from all sides." - RangersApprentice, Aug 26, 2017
"We broke the trail from about a miles past JBL. snow really wet and was knee deep and then waist deep after the slide. The snow was balling under our snowshoes. Our dog was literally swimming in the snow. We were planning on doing gothics and sawteeth, with the speed that we were progressing we had to bail out close to gothics peak (at the start of the cable). The slide going up gothic was full of snow, some skiers had made a descent. I enjoyed running in the middle all the way down!" - MountainDrew, Feb 18, 2017



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