6,213 ft / 1,894 m


693 ft / 211 m


6 summits

Top climbing months

August   66%

July   16%

December   16%

Most climbed route

Gothic Basin Trail

"Kicking of Day 1 of the first annual PEAK WEEK with a Cascade classic... Dave and I made it to the TH at Barlow Pass by 7am. A fog layer completely burned off by the time we emerged into Gothic Basin. Made it to Foggy Lake by 9:30 and then pushed up the standard South Gully Route. Only had to cross 1 patch of moderate angle snow that'd softened so crampons never made it out of pack. Exciting airy scramble up to one of the best summit views I've ever experienced. On the summit at 11:15. A marine layer shrouded all signs of civilization to the west... and so it was a pure 360 of dramatic rock" - scott, Aug 1, 2016


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