2.1 mi to summit

4.2 mi total


no info yet


1,171 ft gain


1 hr 8 min to summit

2 hr 0 min total

Hiked with Clay. Second time up this one. Late start around 1030, when we signed in surprisingly there were only two other cars in the lot. Temperatures were in the mid 30’s with heavy cloud cover.

We used snowshoes from the get go and the trail was well worn from others before us and very easy to follow. The trail markers are reddish arrows on diamonds on the trees occasionally versus the usual foot trail discs I’m used to seeing.

The trail was as I remembered it, meandering and side-hilling with very little straight uphill. We encountered two men and a dog shortly after starting out, but no one else for the remainder of the hike.

The trees were laden with snow and very pretty, and there were a few very large icefalls on boulders in the woods as well. We did encounter a lot of stakes with numbers in the woods next to the trail, but couldn’t figure out what they were marking as nothing notable was in the vicinity of any of the markers.

We made good time up to the summit despite the fact we stopped frequently to adjust layers and hydrate.

The summit was clouded with very little in the way of views, but we sat and had a snack and chatted for a bit before heading down anyway.

On the way out we saw fresh ski tracks, and someone had signed the register after us, but we never saw them, and their car wasn’t in the lot upon our return.

Overall a nice hike, always good to be outside!

Route to summit

Unknown route


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Key gear

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