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Goodman Mountain trail

"Goodman Mountain Mountain January 10th, 2019 12:20p We started at 11:18a today and are planning on hitting the entire Tupper Lake Triad. There is a lot of powder snow on the ground, up to my knees in some places. I am first so I am making the path for both Matt and myself to go up the mountain. We already have a good portion of the mountain under our belts and it seemed like we were going to be the only ones all day. We only stopped for a moment to catch our breath when another hiker came right up behind us and scared the living crap out of me. Was not expecting him. He definitely didn’" - devenmosher24, Jan 10, 2019
"Took my daughter down to Tupper Lake to complete the regular Triad. She already has the Winter patch. Now she can add the regular one to her collection, on her Birthday too. Summit #3 for me." - UK-Ranger, Dec 9, 2017
"It was a great way to end the year! Figured we do the Tupper Lake Triad and earn our Winter patch! (Did this challenge in April 2016 plus we did Arab for the Firetower challenge)Deb and I enjoy these three mountains, short fun hikes and when all 3 are done in a day it is some great exercise! With a fresh couple of inches of snow and a good foot of the white stuff under that we had to break trail. We started on Coney first at 8am. Deb wore snow shoes I didn't, big mistake. The trail underneath the fresh snow was pretty packed but the fresh stuff made footing difficult to me. The weather was co" - hbotc, Dec 31, 2016
"The last hike of the day and the finish to the Tupper Lake Triad Challenge. This was the longest of the day, but perhaps the easiest with the moderate grade. Now to grab some taller and longer hikes." - MarkEarle67, May 23, 2016
"Solo. After hiking Coney, headed over here to bag #2 for the day. I must say this is the first time I have encountered a labelled wheelchair accessible trail, which I thought was kind of cool. Nice easy walk on the paved part of the trail, and no mud beyond that on the wooded trail to the summit. I do wish the summit had a 360 view, but the view I had was very pleasant. Another 30ish minutes to summit. Again, no bugs, but also not much of a breeze to help with the heat - boy was I sweating. Saw two other women on the summit, however they didn't so much as stop to take a photo before heading ba" - kellieirene, May 12, 2016



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