3,283 ft / 1,001 m

#5 in Wales

#275 in United Kingdom


2,106 ft / 642 m

#5 in Wales

#77 in United Kingdom


41 summits

#7 in Wales

#12 in United Kingdom

Top climbing months

June   21%

July   17%

April   10%

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  • Glyder Fawr is the highest mountain in the Glyderau in Snowdonia, Wales.
  • At just over 1,000m, it is the fifth highest mountain in Wales and qualifies as 1 of 5 "super-mountains" at least 1000m high.
  • Lies on the ridge between Glyder Fach and Y Garn and has views to the north across the Ogwen Valley of Pen yr Ole Wen and the Carneddau and views south to the Snowdon Horseshoe.
  • The summit is very rocky, making progress slow.
  • Routes to the summit lead from Ogwen Cottage on the shores of the lake Llyn Idwal to the north, from Pen-y-Pass to the south, and along the Glyder ridge to the east and west, leading to Y Garn and Glyder Fach.
  • Until late-2010, most maps showed a height of 999m for Glyder Fawr, however it was resurveyed with accurate GPS equipment and found to be 1,000.8 m.
1 summit • 10.0 km • 833 m gain • 4 hr 20 min
1 summit • 43.0 km • 2,783 m gain • 13 hr 56 min