3,262 ft / 994 m


242 ft / 74 m


26 summits

Top climbing months

July   17%

June   17%

August   14%

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"Glyder Fach was our second peak of the day on an unseasonably warm early April ascent. We posed for the obligatory cantilever photo before being bowled over by a young family (3 free-range kids, plus dog) and their hair-raising antics on the in the same spot." - isabellehatfield, Apr 8, 2015
"Not 100% sure of the exact date, but it was whilst I was basic training for the Army. We climbed Tryfan and then onto and over Bristly Ridge to the Glyders. I always remember, climbing bristly, was the first time I ever had that feeling of "Oh my God, I'm falling" my pack was pulling me backwards on the steep scramble up. Tryfan and the Glyders were some of the trickiest scrambles I have done to date. 1 day, I'll return, and do them again." - UK-Ranger, Apr 17, 1987



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