2,388 ft / 728 m

#1,649 in Scotland

#1,890 in United Kingdom


1 summit

#884 in Scotland

#2,442 in United Kingdom

Top climbing months

July   100%

Most climbed route

Glas Bheinn 13.0 km route

13.0 km • 812 m gain


  • Hump, Simm & Graham top. A trig point south of the actual summit offers views over Lochcarron. The Glas Bheinn/Sgurr a’ Gharaidh massif covers an unusually large area of over 25 square km. Unassuming grass and heather slope evenly down to Lochcarron and KIshorn while steep cliffs guard the unseen N and E flanks. At the heart is a complex rugged summit plateau of lochans, moorland and rocky outcrops,
1 summit • 13.0 km • 812 m gain • 5 hr 9 min