4,627 ft / 1,410 m

#17 in New York

#30,719 in United States


2,953 ft / 900 m

#4 in New York

#358 in United States


239 summits

#5 in New York

#42 in United States

Top climbing months

July   20%

August   16%

September  12%

Most climbed route

Ridge Trail (Chapel Pond Trail)


  • Giant Mountain is in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Park, New York.
  • The prominent rock slides on the mountain's steep western face and its location away from most other large peaks make it quite an imposing figure, leading to its name.
  • The two most popular routes climb the southern ridge of the mountain, meeting up about a mile south of the summit.
  • Rocky Peak Ridge, another ADK 46er, lies nearby, and can be summited in the a same-day outing.
  • Eagle Slide on Giant is a classic and challenging slide route up the west face of the peak.