8,710 ft / 2,654 m


7,726 ft / 2,354 m


12 summits

Top climbing months

September  25%

October   25%

May   16%

Most climbed route

From Sliezsky dom

"#1 in Eastern Europe Ranges #1 in Carpathian Ranges; #1 in Tatra Ranges; #1 in High Tatra range ; #1 in Slovakia; #1 in Presov region of Slovakia #11 in Europe by prominence. and etc.. So, at least six times first.. Who can resist : ). Climbing without guide is not permitted (exceptions can be done for certified members of national alpine clubs ). Otherwise park authorities insisting on hiring guide. At the very last moment we catched one - Dusko. And i found him to be very good. I can recommend to everyone. Because of potential afternoon storm we started at 4:30 from Se" - Deividas, Jul 29, 2013



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