3,495 ft / 1,065 m

#2 in Wales

#141 in United Kingdom


236 ft / 72 m

#219 in Wales

#1,484 in United Kingdom


32 summits

#7 in Wales

#12 in United Kingdom

Top climbing months

June   29%

April   13%

November   8%

Most climbed route

crib coch


  • Garnedd Ugain, also known as Crib y Ddysgl, is a mountain in Wales that forms part of the Snowdon Horseshoe.
  • It is the second highest peak in Wales and lies less than a mile north of Snowdon.
  • Both Garnedd Ugain and Crib y Ddysgl appear on the Ordnance Survey's maps of the area, where the name Crib Y Ddysgl refers to the east ridge and the summit is Garnedd Ugain.
  • Crib y Ddysgl (meaning "ridge of the dish" in Welsh) is the name used by Alan Dawson for the peak's listing as a Hewitt.