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  • Gannett Peak is the highest peak in Wyoming and a classic climbing adventure in the heart of the stunning Wind River Range.
  • Although not as famous as the slightly lower Grand Teton, it is one of the most sought after summits in the US and is considered among mountaineers one of the most difficult state highpoints.
  • Gannett Peak is commonly climbed on a 4 to 6 day round-trip of over 40 miles and 9,000 vertical foot gain.
  • The most common approach involves a long hike in to Titcomb Basin, ascent of Bonney Pass, and a final glacial climb of the peak.
  • Gannett has the largest glaciers in the American Rockies.
  • The 896-acre Gannett Glacier flows down from the northern slopes of the mountain.
  • Minor Glacier is situated in the western cirque of the peak while Dinwoody Glacier and Gooseneck Glacier can be found on the southeast side of the mountain.
  • Gannett is a quintessential, remote mountain climbing experience.
"Drove up from Las Vegas, NV with the intention of viewing the solar eclipse & climbing Wyoming's highest peak with some friends from LVMC. We started our hike on Sunday (with 50 pound packs) via the Glacier Trail and hiked to a cool spot just before Star Lake, where we set up our first camp; I slept horribly. On Monday, we packed up and hiked in to Big Meadow, where we found an awesome spot to view the eclipse! It was unreal. There was nobody around us. This was definitely an experience that I will not forget! After the eclipse, we continued on to a point just before Tarns Camp. I w" - Kevin, Aug 22, 2017
"With a team of 6, we climbed Gannett Peak via the Glacier Trail approach. The bergschrund between the Gooseneck Glacier and the gully to the summit ridge was wide open, but had a good snow bridge on the upper end. The gully itself was down to a sheet of ice over the lower 2/3. The upper 1/3, you could get good purchase with crampons, but had to chop footsteps on the rest. We were not expecting the ice, and did not have ice screws...could have used them for protection. The snow field along the summit ridge was fairly melted out on the upper part, so we stuck to the rocks along the ridge top ins" - reidstidolph, Aug 26, 2015
"Glacier Trail in, Bonney Pass to Titcomb Basin for the way out. With NOLS. Beautiful scenery but big snow year for the Winds and late melting so bugs were very bad. Perfect summit day, in fact it was hot and not a breath of wind. Good snow conditions, no crampons but we did rope up on Gooseneck." - Bluebell08, Jul 30, 2011
"Reaching the summit of Gannett Peak was the climax of a mountain marathon of five climbers, Pete Allard, Jim Grace, Shaun Lacher, David Sandway, and myself, Dennis Stewart, to set a world record for climbing the highest point in each of the contiguous 48 states in the shortest time. We had started at midnight on July 1 at the summit of Mount Rainier and finally finished on the top of Gannett Peak with a record time of 30 days, 10 hours and 52 minutes. This effort won our team status in Guinness Book of World Records. Our record has been broken significantly since 2000, but our group did not us" - Stewy, Jul 31, 1991



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