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7,782 ft / 2,371 m




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July   44%

August   33%

June   11%

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From Spiterstulen

"Excellent weather and still quite a lot of snow at the path. A few hours up and an hour down due to running and gliding on the snow,. A lot of fun and an amazing view from the top with clear blue skies!" - Jens-Lifeliver, Jun 12, 2012
"With Robin and Geraldine Howie. By bus from Galdesand to Juvasshytta, a Summer skiing centre NE of Galdhøpiggen. Because of the need to cross glacier and because we only had one ice axe and not much else we joined a guided party to climb Galdhøpiggen, 2469m, and the highest mountain in Norway. It’s very easy and we felt rather ridiculous with about 50 people on a linked string of ropes crossing the glacier. At least we helped by carrying ropes, running them out and coiling them up. At the summit is a small hut selling drinks and postcards etc. We descended the same way to Juvasshytta and took " - peter43, Jul 19, 1992
"I was in school Ulandshjelp fran folk til folk Abbreviated UFF, near Hammer in Norway when the director of the school invited us all for a trip to the Jotunheimen ,,it was absolutly Beautiful ,unfortunately I have lost all my photos of my past ,but the photos on the Galdhopiggen page tell a true story,,i remember from this trip that the director of the school was asking me how high the highest mountain is in Iceland and I said it is Hvannadalshnjukur 2119 meters and he did not believe me for some reason lol :) " - jonpeturkristjansson, Aug 14, 1985



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