Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur peaks

2,081 peaks

Highest peak

Barre des Ecrins

13,458 ft / 4,101 m

Most summited peak

Barre des Ecrins

7 summits

Most prominent peak

Barre des Ecrins

6,709 ft / 2,044 m prom

Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur summits

128 summits

First Ascent Awards

83 of 2,081 peaks 3%

Top climbing months

August 26%

July 25%

June 8%

Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur mountains highlights

"I went up from Colle dell'Agnello in fantastic , hot morning . Between the north and south summits, I jumped on the nearby Punta Alp . Wonderful panoramas from the twin peaks ." - Il Pelvo, daniele64, Aug 27, 2018
"I went up from Grange del Rio ( Chianale ) in a good , cold morning . Wonderful views all around , especially on the great Monviso . In fact, I waited a long time at the summit to wait for the best light conditions for the photos ." - Monte Losetta, daniele64, Aug 26, 2018
"Friday 10th August 2018. An ascent of l’Arpelin 2604m/125m, from Col d’Izoard (2360m), Cottian Alps, France. 2.6km, with 275m of ascent. 1hr 40mins. From Col d’Izoard, a road col frequently used in the Tour de France, a rugged serrated ridge called Crête des Oules runs eastward, forming a cirque, and culminating in the soaring peak of Pic de Rochebrune (3320m). On the western rim of this cirque is l’Arpelin, a subsidiary peak of the twin-topped Côte Belle (2914m). I had viewed this graceful mountain across Col d’Izoard on my ascent of Clot la Cime (2732m) four days earlier (see" - L'Arpelin, marktrengove, Aug 10, 2018
"Wednesday 8th August 2018. An ascent of le Chenaillet 2650m/496m, near Briançon, Cottian Alps, France. 11.0km, with 800m of ascent. 4hrs 55mins. Le Chenaillet, close to the Italian frontier, is the highest mountain in a ring of peaks lying east of the city of Briançon. Although surrounded by higher peaks, this massif is of special interest due to its geology. It is composed of volcanic rocks, while those in the vicinity are mainly of metamorphic and sedimentary types. The massif is the rim of a collapsed caldera of a volcano, once situated in the sea that divided the African and Euro" - le Chenaillet, marktrengove, Aug 8, 2018
"Monday 6th August 2018. An ascent of Clot la Cime 2732m/312m, from Col d’Izoard, Cottian Alps, France. 12.7km, with 400m of ascent and 990m of descent. For the second week of our holiday in France, we moved to an apartment in a large old farm building in the tiny hamlet of le Laus, about 10km south-east of the town of Briançon in the Cottian Alps (see at This was a very old building (the date 1768 was inscribed above the doorway), standing at an altitude of 1745m. The temperature dropped rapidly at night after the sun had set below the encirc" - Clos la Cime, marktrengove, Aug 6, 2018

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