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October   28%

"Hiked up the Pine Creek Trail to the pass, then cross country to Steelhead Lake to camp. Next day, scrambled up the super loose and steep West Chute to the summit plateau. Didn't find the register, so I probably was on the wrong bump, but I'm going to count the peak anyway having negotiated the chute both up and down. Later in the day, I hiked down French Canyon and scrambled up Pilot Knob before heading to Royce Lakes to camp." - klotito, Jul 24, 2016
"First of 3 peaks on a great 8 day loop with 2 friends. We had originally planned to climb Mt. Humphreys but a freak July snowstorm had the route all iced up and dangerous. So I opted for the easier climb to Four Gables. I traversed from Humphreys lakes over to the southwest slope which was an easy class 2 climb to the summit. On the return trip I dropped lower into the basin to check out some of the awesome lakes around there and it made a really great loop for the day." - DerekJayRichardson, Jul 9, 2015
"Fifth summit of the week. Thought this would be the easiest, but it was more difficult than expected. Camped at Steelhead Lake and climbed steep chute to summit plateau. Plateau was easy. Didn't want to go back down the gnarly chute so returned via Steelhead Pass. Which was also gnarly but not as loose as the chute. Expected easy day, but spent a lot of time routefinding in class 2/3. Still, great day in the mountains. " - calipidder, Aug 27, 2010



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