3,717 ft / 1,132 m


863 ft / 263 m


88 summits

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November   18%

January   15%

February   13%

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"Led a small group of HLV & LVMC members up to Fortification Hill via the West Ridge route. The beginning of the route was excellent, as well as the scrambling near the top. The huge boulder field in between was not so pleasant. We descended down a steep gully on the SE face and took a wash 2 miles back to the car. " - Kevin, Feb 5, 2017
"Pretty Day. Clear and cold breezes on the ascent. Lots of Burros on the way in and out. Went with Lisa and Ed. Her 1st time. I speed scrambled and ran down the steep descent. Speedy Bliss " - paula.raimondi, Dec 29, 2014
"Led Overweight Hikers Meetup the day after Christmas. Needed a good burn. Was a cold but clear day, and the views on this one are some of the best. Was also cool to watch a few hikers push thru their fears in the short scrambling section of the hike. Watch out for loose rock!" - cardsfanlv, Dec 26, 2014
"A fun morning hike. I am recovering from a chest cold and under estimated how much that would effect me, it was rough to say the least. Took the ridge up, and the wash down. Was kind of gloomy out, lots of cloud cover. Want to go back on a clear day. Too much helicopter traffic would be my main complaint, but all in all a nice cooler weather hike. The scenery on the way up is kind of drab, but the view from the top is amazing and well worth the effort. Great views of Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and the surrounding mountains. My first Arizona summit. Elevation gain is about 1,350 feet." - cardsfanlv, Dec 1, 2012



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