1,394 ft / 425 m


89 ft / 27 m


3 summits

Top climbing months

May   33%

June   33%

July   33%

Most climbed route

From the City Center Bergen


  • Floyfjellet is the most visited of the 7 mountains that surround the city center of Bergen, Norway.
  • It has a funicular system called the Fl¿ibanen that transports passengers from the center of Bergen to 320 m elevation in roughly 8 minutes. The funicular is used by tourists and citizens alike year-round.
  • The actual highest point on Floyfjellet (425 m) is approximately 1 km to the northeast of the top of the Fl¿ibanen.
".Fløyen or Fløyfjellet (originally written Fløien) is the most visited of the seven mountains that surround the city centre of Bergen. A quick getaway from the Ship on my way to Mount Rundemanen." - Nuernberger, Jul 24, 2013



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