12,432 ft / 3,789 m


1,033 ft / 314 m


8 summits

Top climbing months

August   50%

September  25%

June   12%

Most climbed route

Franklin Pass Trail/NE Ridge

"started from franklin lake, head up to franklin pass on the trail. At the top of the pass I left the trail and traversed the ridge toward florence peak. The ascent of the peak its self starts as class 1 picking a sandy route through talus. Then the talus gets thicker and bigger increasing to a class 2 scramble to the summit. fun stuff, had to hurry down from the top due to thunder closing in, about 1 hour after leaving the summit on the way down to franklin lake we were caught in a hail/rain down pour for about 20 mins. good thing we left when we did!" - nickmartin, Aug 31, 2013



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