2,227 ft / 678 m


935 ft / 285 m


15 summits

Top climbing months

April   31%

September  12%

May   12%

Most climbed route

Up the main ridge

"Family tradition with my daughters to climb a mountain early each Boxing Day. My son-in-law also came. Started at 5.20 am and returned at 9.20 am. Went slowly with frequent stops to take in the views. First time up Flinders for daughters and son-in-law." - donizen, Dec 26, 2016
"Went early due to commitments but the gate was not opened when I arrived. Waited about 40 minutes for the security guard to arrive and open the gate. Then only had time to reach the top of The Chimney then turned around and went back so almost reached the top." - donizen, Dec 3, 2016
"My 17th time. Always nice to have a place like this so close to Brisbane. Took 2hr47 incl. a few short stops to take photos. Have read of others managing to do it in under 2 hrs by running/jogging, although I think that could be dangerous, given the terrain." - norbhoffa, Jun 8, 2016
"Meetup group Hiking Etc SE Qld event. Hosted a group of 22 climbers. Varying abilities and fitness levels so spread out. First ones to leave Flinders Plum Picnic Area left at 7.15 am last at 7.35 am. Last ones down about 12.40 pm. Followed with a BBQ. Was overcast and warm." - donizen, Apr 9, 2016
"Led Meetup group up Flinders Peak, followed by a BBQ in Flinders Plum Picnic Area. Group spread out due to varying levels of fitness and mobility. Slowest took about 7 hours. Fastest not sure. But they were also waiting at the top for the slower ones for ages." - donizen, Apr 2, 2016


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