10,319 ft / 3,145 m


426 ft / 130 m


115 summits

Top climbing months

June   28%

May   21%

July   15%

Most climbed route

North Loop Trail

Class 2 • 2,214 ft / 675 m gain
"Fletcher Peak 9.10.18 via NLT. 2:07hr total...up in 1:18hr, 3min on top (the reason the pic sucks) and down in :46 min. Sometimes I need to put the hammer down. Especially when my schedule gives me no breathing room. 👑👑👑👑 6.6 Miles, 2,400’ gain." - paula.raimondi, Sep 10, 2018
"I'm doing several hikes this summer and need to get back into fighting fit shape. I figured a nice, "easy" trail hike at elevation to Fletcher Peak would be a good solo start. Considering the last time I did Fletcher I was in incredible pain from patellar pain syndrome which was out of control, I wanted to replace the memories. I got hailed on (it looked like Dippin Dotz!) and my cardio isn't where it needs to be, but I made it. :) Solo! Safely! All good." - psychikingjes, May 19, 2018
"We were supposed to take a long weekend to drive up to and climb Mount Shasta for Rainier training, but they had a stormy week and there was the threat of avalanches, so we stayed local. Hiked up the North Loop Trail to Fletcher Peak, then bagged Bristlecone Peak on the way back." - Kevin, May 17, 2018
"I joined Shin and Bob for a short LV backpacking trip to a paradise like camp spot near Mummy Springs. Monday we did Fletcher Peak and Tues, Mummys toe (my 1st time on this steep peak with killer views) In the last 5 days I did 5 Peaks for 10,000' total gain & 13,000' total elevation loss. Mummys Toe, Mummys Nose, Mt Charleston, Lee & Fletcher. " - paula.raimondi, Jun 13, 2016
"I started around noon from Deer Creek Picnic area and just kept heading up from there along the creek, passed some cabins then up a steep hillside. There was a very faint trail to follow. I ended up, like I had hoped, directly at the partially snow covered mummy springs in only 1.8 miles. I went to Raintree from there and bagged Fletcher false and actual peak just for a workout. I went down NLT only until the meadow then took the faint wild horse trail for the 1st time down Wild Horse Canyon to the road. Very cool route. 6.7 miles total, 2,200' gain. Pretty day " - paula.raimondi, May 30, 2016



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