3,510 ft / 1,070 m

#1,403 in Alaska

#38,445 in United States


229 ft / 70 m

#151 in Alaska

#8,488 in United States


29 summits

#2 in Alaska

#843 in United States

Top climbing months

June   25%

August   25%

May   21%


  • Flattop Mountain is a 3,510 foot mountain located in Chugach State Park just east of urban Anchorage.
  • It is the most climbed mountain in Alaska.
  • Usually reached by driving to the Glen Alps trailhead and following a well-maintained 1.5-mile trail, with an elevation gain of 1280 feet to the summit.
  • Since it is the most accessible mountain to Anchorage, Flattop is a very popular location for hiking, climbing, berry picking, paragliding, and backcountry skiing.
  • Campouts are held on the summit at the summer and winter solstices.
  • Flattop is known for its panoramic views of Anchorage and the surrounding area, including Denali, Mount Foraker, and Mount Spurr.
1 summit • 3.5 mi • 1,288 ft gain • 3 hr 59 min