Had some extra time after Squaw Butte, and wasn't sure I wanted to drive that dusty road too soon in the future, so I tackled the nearby Flattop Butte. Glad I did because this one had a little more excitement. Enticing walls on the approach, and I even discovered an arch nearby as I ascended. I decided I would investigate it on the way down but tackle the summit first. Another summit register at the top, this one even less visited than the Squaw Butte one. More great views at the top, including the nearby Squaw Butte. The arch was quite impressive once I got up close, and even better I discovered I could downclimb one of the 'walls' just below it fairly easily. It was terraced just enough to allow a basic scramble down, with some exposure. Was happy to get some scrambling in. A short hike overall but it definitely improved the day. Stopped in Marsing for pizza on the way back.

Feet | Meters
Natural Atlas (US)

1.4 mi to summit

3.0 mi total


4,688 ft start

5,788 ft max


1,122 ft gain

974 ft loss


34 min to summit

1 hr 24 min total


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Key gear

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