2,986 ft / 910 m


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92 summits

Top climbing months

August   20%

July   13%

October   9%

Most climbed route

Big Slide Trail from the Garden

"We had decided to climb something on the forth, and started to head that way with no clear destination in mind. We decided to climb Big Slide, and my companion had never taken the route over the brothers. The day was bright and sunny, and the views from the brothers make the entire trip up filled with awesome views. Our trip was well below our average pace, as we enjoyed the views on a regular basis. " - Kazmuglin, Jul 4, 2016
"Loop hike from Garden to Johns Brook Lodge up the Klondike trail to Yard to Big Slide & out over the Brothers. I had done this in winter before, and didn't remember how rocky it is. The sun was shining brightly and it was a beautiful as ever though." - PJSelmer, Aug 23, 2015
"Enjoyed a great hike with friends including one who was finishing her 46 on Big Slide. Weather was very hot and humid but the open rock hike to Big Slide offered a nice breeze and raspberries! Started at the Garden at 8:30, hiked to the Brothers, Big Slide and then onto Yard and returned via the Klondike trail and JBL to the Garden lot. The hike was just over 11.7 miles with 7.5 hours of hiking and raspberry picking and 1.5 hours enjoying the views from the Brothers and celebrating on Big Slide." - deb-and-rob, Aug 16, 2015
"Zak and I climbed The Brothers on our way to Big Slide. Left the Garden at 2:30 and had a great hike with awesome views of the lower Great Range from 1st and 2nd Brother. Great hike all the way up to Big Slide." - LukeG0903, Aug 9, 2013
"Knee was hurting, but joined Frank, Joy, and Phil in reclimbing Big Slide over the Brothers, down Slide Mt. Brook Trail to JBL and back to Garden Parking Lot. Hot and humid too." - barbaratraver, Jul 22, 1990



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