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  • In 1839 Esther McComb, a 15 year old schoolgirl set out to climb Whiteface Mt., but accidentally became the first person to climb Mt. Esther. There is a plaque on the summit in her honor. Esther is often climbed in conjunction with Whiteface, even though it is listed as an unmaintained trail.
"Beautiful day! Not too crowded for a Friday. I had climbed Whiteface Mountain a year ago, and didn’t have the energy to make the extra mile and a half or so, out to Esther, so I drove six hours to the Adirondacks for my first trip of the season, to go collect my orphaned peak - Esther! " - jennifermurphy, Jul 20, 2018
"Gorgeous day, cool breezy, clear skies, couldn't ask for better to take on Whiteface and Esther. This is a good warm-up for the summer hikes, conditons good, the trail was pretty dry and we were up on top of Whiteface before the crowds came to visit. Esther was a little muddy in spots but the ground was solid under the mud. Took some nice pics from Whiteface only got the Plaque from Esther (no views). All in all a great time." - hbotc, Jun 9, 2018
"I went up to Whiteface in winter a couple years ago, but didn't tag Esther during that trip because it was so cold. So, I arrived at the ASRC at 12:45pm and was pretty sure I had enough time to get to Esther and back before dark. It was a pretty uneventful trip up to the summit. I saw only three other people out during my trip. I brought a small sled with me to slide down marble mountain on the return. The sled worked a little too well, so I only used it in a couple spots because it got going way to fast and I had trouble controlling my speed. One more winter 46er down, a ton still to go. " - LGH-Tom, Jan 19, 2018
"Journée sur Whiteface avec un groupe d'amis. Les crampons ont été nécessaire. C'était froid froid froid froid!!! :) Je n'ai vraiment pas aimé Esther. La difficulté pour se rendre là ne valait pas le sommet... " - fsoucy76, Nov 11, 2017
"VERY muddy - took the trail from the research center which was filled with rubble rock and straight up, will take the reservoir trail for Whiteface as we ran out of daylight due to the Ironman traffic detours. " - brittanypalmieri, Sep 10, 2017



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