14,042 ft / 4,280 m


342 ft / 104 m


29 summits

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July   32%

August   19%

September  16%

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Southwest Ridge


  • Ellingwood Point is a Colorado 14er in the Sangre de Cristo Range.
  • It is approximately 1/2 mile northwest of 14er Blanca Peak.
  • Ellingwood Point only barely qualifies as an independent peak under the 300 foot topographic prominence cutoff which is standard in Colorado.
  • Because of its proximity to Blanca Peak, it is often climbed together with that peak in a single day.
"Incredible climb, though definitely one of the most humbling. Upon arriving at the trailhead there were a handful of several emergency standing idle, and an officer approached my widow and said that a young male climber had died up there, and it was pretty brutal. SARS passed on the rock crawlers on the way up, and then again around 10pm, with body bags in transit. Knowing that people die doing this is all part of it, but seeing the evidence is another story. We reached Lake Como around 10:30pm, and set up camp in the rain. I was only able to fall asleep for maybe 45 minutes, and 5 AM came qui" - LGH-Dan, Jul 29, 2017
"A little later in the day after completing the Little Bear / Blanca traverse. We managed to summit just before sunset and made our way down the tricky part of the trail before it got completely dark on us." - Yosemike, Sep 25, 2013
"The southwest ridge on this peak is some of the nicest class three scrambling in the state. Solid rock, no false summits, stupendous views and a 14,000 foot summit are enough to make up for the horrible road you have to hike to get to basecamp. " - ChrisMeloche, Sep 5, 1998



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