8,730 ft / 2,661 m


540 ft / 165 m


3 summits

Top climbing months

July   66%

August   33%

Most climbed route

Elephant Back Loop

"First day in Yellowstone, I wanted to bag a peak but didn't have much daylight left. Settled in this hike- mostly homogenous limber pines with little view except at the summit itself. There are probably dozens of better trails to take in Yellowstone, but maybe a little less if you're a dirty peakbagger like me." - Christopher, Jul 31, 2012
"I spent several days in Yellowstone Park and went on an organized hike to the top of this low mountain. We had an interesting walk. The leader discussed the geology and plant life, etc. of the mountain. There is a good view of Yellowstone Lake from the summit. " - bobneugebauer, Jul 12, 2010


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