9,299 ft / 2,834 m


1,219 ft / 372 m


23 summits

Top climbing months

September  21%

June   21%

August   17%

Most climbed route

Elden Trail

"In order to better acclimate myself to the altitude, I stayed at the Flagstaff KOA. The KOA was pretty full and busy, with a groups of angst-ridden teenagers and boisterous preteens walking to and from the recreational area. However, I was able to get some sleep, fortunately. Unfortunately, the café in the campground (which makes a great French Toast breakfast, by the way), didn’t open until 6:30. So by the time I got started it was already 7:30 and starting to warm up. I caught a trail leaving the north-western corner of the campground which intersected with the lower part of Fatman’" - lawrencebaker, Jun 17, 2017
"My Second Last Hike on the 20/20 Challenge List. Drove from Las Vegas the Night before and got an early Start, Great Morning Workout as the Trail is steep although not very long. Good Views all around. " - Nuernberger, Jun 24, 2016
"A long fireroad climb brings you to the top of a singletrack extravaganza. I went as fast as I could to escape an approaching thunderstorm but still had to get off a few times in the crux serpentine downhill. With lightning bolts all around and ice cube-sized hail, I took temporary refuge in a pine grove. Then the storm passed, very little precipitation, and the trail was dry and ready to go. I bombed down singletrack for a mini eternity before blowing out two tubes in a row. Unfortunately, two strikes and I was out – the last few miles of this descent I spent walking a fireroad. I need to go " - scott, May 31, 2003



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