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North Gully

"4 Peak counterclockwise traverse. Mystery Cairn, Vista, Redstone & East Redstone. I came back to finish the traverse I tried to start yesterday when I stopped after dealing with high winds and some rain. Today was sunny. I gave up on Tall Cairn Peak at the end because of too many obstacles and I ran out of time. I wore a cow bell on my back pack to ward of Mtn lions. 4hrs, 3,000' gain and 5.2 miles. " - paula.raimondi, Feb 28, 2017
"East Redstone Peak in LMNRA. This was meant as a 4 peak traverse but the wind was blowing me around on the ridge so I descended after Summiting East Redstone Peak. I climbed back up to try to bag Redstone Peak from a different area but when I got back up to the ridge it started to rain and the wind was relentless so I bailed. I may go back tomorrow to try the traverse again but I will have to decide if I even care. This area had a creepy vibe and I felt like I was going to wake up a sleeping Mtn lion when I was in the gully near all the caves. Bitter ridge caught my eye on the drive out so I'd" - paula.raimondi, Feb 27, 2017
"Led a hiking group today up to East Redstone Peak, Tall Cairn Peak, Redstone Peak, Mystery Cairn Peak, Vista Peak and Peak 3120. It was a beautiful day. The hike was pretty good, but lots of loose rock on this route." - Kevin, Nov 29, 2012
"Went up the gully right below the peak. Some good rock but lots of loose annoying stuff. Meh. Wanted to hit a bunch of other peaks on the ridge but got distracted at Valley of Fire and ate up most of the day. Didn't enjoy the loose stuff so much so probably for the better. " - calipidder, Nov 20, 2012


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