8,840 ft / 2,694 m


1,760 ft / 536 m


16 summits

Top climbing months

July   44%

September  16%

May   11%

Most climbed route

Colchuck Lake > Aasgard Pass > East Ridge

Class 2 • 5,414 ft / 1,650 m gain
"I’d like to think I made history with this one. After a huge Italian dinner and beers, we casually decided at the midnight hour, “let’s do Dragontail tomorrow”. The prior 2 big days had started to take their toll, but the beer was talking now. Only thing: I had a catch a flight back to SF the next evening. If we went for Dragontail, we’d have to book it. I was skeptical. But Josh just said, “Let’s do it.” On the trail to Colchuck Lake at 6:30am. We flew up, under 1 1/2 hrs to the lake. I ran out of steam a bit on Aasgard while Josh surged ahead and flashed the whole pass climb in 40 min" - scott, Sep 9, 2018
"Camped at Stuart Lake. Hiked to Colchuck Lake and ascended Aasgard Pass, then west southwest to the col near the main high point. From there, scrambled up to the summit. Descended the same way, since the snow going up Pandora's Box was too slushy for us." - mathiasricken, May 26, 2018
"I took Friday off to go to the enchantments. The first peak was Dragnotail. From Aasgard, I took the snow slope on the North-East side of Dragontail. I stayed to the right where the slope was not as steep. The snow was hard despite the warm day so it took some effort to kick in good steps. From the ridge, the rest of the way was a walk up." - MangyMarmot, Sep 7, 2012
"Two-fer with Witches Tower. Fantastic one day scramble - we even thought about making it a three-fer by tagging Little Annapurna... but we were too pooped after Dragontail ;) Hearty 3 AM start to beat the heat and hit first light at the base of Aasgard. We were on top of Witches Tower by 9 or 10, and leaving Dragontail by about 2:30 with only mild route-finding issues. Fun rock scrambling the entire way and fantastic views of the Enchantments and Stuart. The only snow we encountered was on our glissade down to Isolation Lake from Dragontail - the perfect place for it. 17 hour car-to-car - I w" - diana, Aug 18, 2012



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