1,368 ft / 417 m


14 summits

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June   21%

February   21%

November   21%

Most climbed route

Eagle Scout Trail

"A fairly easy family hike. Parking is down the road from the shortest trail to the summit. You can choose a longer trail that begins at the lot, but we chose to walk up the road and take the direct route. Very cool old stone tower up top that you can walk into and get great views. Kids had a lot of fun with that. " - mikewilliamsjr, Nov 19, 2016
"There were 3 of us that started out our hike in the early afternoon of a gorgeous day. We went up on the Ledgers trail and descended by the Nature trail. I'm originally from southern Louisiana. I love to be on a hike in the woods when the weather cools off, and love the mountains, so this was a wonderful experience for me. We climbed to the top of the tower & had binoculars to take in the view....how beautiful and so was the foliage! " - debbieburnell, Oct 11, 2014
"Great day for a hike. Just three of us out today. The weather was great and the trails were firm in the early a.m. We didn't need snowshoes or creepers. We met some that did have creepers. the view from the tower was pretty good, not a full 360 degree but a good 180. " - bwright, Apr 6, 2014
"Great little hike to do if you don't have much time. Short but steep, "the ledges trail". The views are a great reward. The tower at the top is nice place to relax and take in the scenery. " - tvanrosendael, Nov 1, 2012
"Perfect day for a hike. I took the Eagle Scout trail, blazed orange, most of the way up, picking up a loop trail to get to the summit. The tower at the top offers great views. I took the steeper Ledges Trail, blazed a greenish yellow, down. " - Badgerinmaine, Aug 26, 2011


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