3,871 ft / 1,180 m

#77 in New York

#37,719 in United States


1,200 ft / 366 m

#58 in New York

#1,919 in United States


92 summits

#128 in New York

#318 in United States

Top climbing months

February   13%

June   12%

March   11%

Most climbed route

Yellow Trail from Seager, then bushwhack

5.5 mi • 1,888 ft gain


  • Closed to public access, requires permission of landowner: Gould Property Caretaker, Bill Fiedler, office phone: (845) 586-4099, responds Mon-Fri during business hours. To request permission, call and leave a message. Be sure to mention the names and home residence of everyone requesting access, as well as the areas you want to access. (from http://catskill-3500-club.org/forms/HikingAndPrivateProperty.pdf)
  • Follow Seager/Big Indian trail until you come to road bridge next to bench. Head south off the road/trail (right turn if coming from Seager) and head up the north shoulder of Doubletop along the herd path.
  • Removed from the Catskill 3500 Peak Challenge due to access
26 summits • 5.5 mi • 1,888 ft gain • 6 hr 17 min