7,214 ft / 2,199 m


8 summits

Top climbing months

August   37%

June   25%

May   12%

Most climbed route

Tree Route

"California. Visited Walk of a 100 giants first. Drove a dirt road after to get to the bottom of the rock. Nice views. Lots of cairns. Do not kick rocks, the mountain is often climbed on the side." - Pieter, Aug 16, 2017
"Stopped in to try and do a climb since the weather seemed to be holding off. My wife and I started up the Tree Route and started to get sprinkled on while at the top of the first pitch. By the time we reached the top of the second pitch the rock was soaked so I decided to bolt to the top and link the last two pitches together for the sake of efficiency. The final slab pitch turned out to be the crux and required all my focus to pull off in wet conditions what would normally be standard fare. A great climb regardless. " - Yosemike, Oct 5, 2015


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