14,914 ft / 4,546 m

#4 in Wallis

#5 in Switzerland


3,431 ft / 1,046 m

#9 in Wallis

#29 in Switzerland


11 summits

#17 in Wallis

#25 in Switzerland

Top climbing months

July   69%

September  23%

August   7%

Most climbed route

Normal route (1-way)

7.1 km • 1,604 m gain


  • The Dom is the third highest peak in the Alps and the second highest in Switzerland.
  • The Dom is the summit of the Mischabel range, the highest massif lying entirely in Switzerland.
  • The former name Mischabel comes from an ancient German dialect term for pitchfork, as the highest peaks of the massif stand close to each other.
  • Despite its considerable height above the surrounding valleys, the Dom can be climbed quite easily, as the normal route does not present major difficulties. It is however a demanding 3,100-meter ascent with objective danger in the upper part.
  • Cable cars and other facilities are located only in the Saas Fee area on the east side of the mountain, from which all the routes are difficult.
  • The easiest way to the summit starts from Randa (railway station, 1,450 m), where a trail leads to the Dom Hut (2,940 m).
  • The normal route starts from the hut and goes towards the Festijoch pass (3,720 m). Then it follows the Hohberg Glacier to the summit above the north face.
  • The Festigrat, traversed on the first ascent, is the north-western ridge going directly from the Festijoch to the summit. It is preferred by climbers who wish to avoid the long slopes of the north flank.
  • The Mischabel Hut on the east side is generally used for the ascent of lower summits in the district, such as the Nadelhorn, Lenzspitze, and peaks on the Nadelgrat.
4 summits • 7.1 km • 1,604 m gain • 7 hr 31 min
1 summit • 25.7 km • 3,257 m gain • 66 hr 23 min
1 summit • 21.8 km • 1,694 m gain • 13 hr 24 min